Friday, 31 July 2015

Lime Orange - Victoria

I'm new to Korean food. In fact my debut was a few months ago at this very establishment. Conclusion: I like it. A lot. 

Why? I think it has all the right elements. Spicy, marinated things, sweet chilli sauce, interactivity (see Bibimbap for further instructions), lots of fresh vegetables and everything from sea food to meatier fare. And then fried chicken, just popped in there, casual like. And, tomato ketchup is a standard cooking ingredient. There's a certain irreverence to it.

Anyway, I was pleased to learn that I had what looked, according to online comments at least, like a really good exponent of Korean food in Victoria, just a hop skip and jump away from my manor.

Lime Orange has a cozy little dining space, with simple decor and a very friendly greeting from the family that run it. In both occasions I visited, there were a reassuring cluster of Koreans at the far end of the restaurant, with what looked like a veritable feast on the table. 

For the sake of this entry, I will stick to what we ordered on our second visit (although trust me, try the fried chicken!). As I'm always on the look out for tofu done well, I opted for Tofu Salad (£3.90).

The tofu was covered in crispy tempura batter and came with a simple well dressed lettuce salad and a sweet & savoury sauce. Lip smackingly good stuff.

To accompany this, we went for the Spicy Calamari (£6.30), which came with a sufficiently piquant sweet chilli sauce.

The squid was a million miles away from the rubbery rings you buy in thise supermarket mixed seafood packs (you know, the sort of thing you could probably use to fix a car engine).

To slightly balance out the fact that we had opted for a very fried menu so far, we went for a bowl of the classic Korean staple Bibimbap, selecting the chicken option (£8.90).

For the uninitiated, this dish involves a variety of vegetables, your preferred spiced protein and a raw egg yolk, served over rice in a bowl hot enough to melt iron ore. If the raw egg makes you squeamish, trust me, it's not raw by the time you've given it a vigorous stir: a compulsory element of eating the dish (As a side note, the only negative comment I could find about this place online, was someone who objected to being told how to eat his bibimbap. I wondered, how did he eat lobster? With the shell? Oh well, you can't please everyone.). The dish is served with a small bowl of miso soup and the option of sweet chilli sauce.

As a result of over-ordering last time, this is all we ordered between the two of us on this visit, and it was enough. I can also vouch for the fried chicken and  Beef Bulgogi from our previous visit. The home made Green Tea and Black Sesame ice cream are also well worth introducing to your taste buds.

To drink, we stuck to Korean beer Hite (£3.50 a bottle), as it felt like more of a beery kinda food. However, in terms of both the food and the drink, I think I've only just scratched the surface: there's a whole world of soups, noodles, plum wines and grain based spirits to dip into at the Lime Orange. 

In summary, though I have already been twice in the last couple of months, I strongly suspect it will not be long before my next visit. I think, the Lime Orange and I are at the start of something beautiful.

P.S. I've included a link to the menu, to help make sense of the delectable medley on offer:

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